Charity Involvement

Almost 400 million children worldwide live in poverty. Whilst undertaking some of his medical studies in Peru, Aaron became overwhelmed with this reality. 

During his time in mountainous rural areas and the Amazon rainforest, Aaron saw first-hand the effects of poverty and particularly how girls were often more affected than boys through decreased access to education, forced childhood labour, and reduced access to reproductive health care. Arriving home from that trip, Aaron looked into ways to help and whilst there are many worthwhile organisations providing aid overseas, the Compassion model appealed to him the most, with direct sponsorship of one child, who you connect with and support by regular communication, but financial support that is distributed amongst the entire local community.

Aaron initially sponsored a 10-year-old girl from the outer suburbs of Peru’s capital Lima and although she left the program at the end of school, he has continued to maintain contact as she fulfils her dream of architecture studies at university. Aaron has since sponsored two other girls in Peru and Bolivia and hopes to see them achieve their dreams as well.